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We believe that government must eliminate COVID-19 Mandates and not allow vaccine passports now or in the future.  Canadian citizens have a right to review the risk of any medical procedure.  Individual medical decisions must be free from coercion to respect Canadians and their rights under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

We will NOT support Digital ID.  This is a violation of the Canadian Privacy Rights, the Charter, the Bill of Rights, and the Criminal Code of Canada.  It is also a gateway to more government control and should not continue.

No one should lose their job because of a medical decision.  We believe that this is coercion and companies and governments must be held accountable for making their workers choose between an experimental vaccine or losing their livelihood.  This is unacceptable and must stop immediately.

Freedom must be restored to Doctors and Nurses to treat patients with effective medications based on their training and experience.  Doctors must have the Freedom to fulfill their Hippocratic oath, and treatment options for sickness and disease should be based on scientific analysis and not based on Political or Financial Influence.

All of our Governments must respect the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Canadian Criminal Code.  The law in Canada applies not only to the average Canadian Citizen, but also to anyone in Government who is elected to serve and protect the people of Canada and they must not serve foreign entities at the expense of Canadian taxpayers.

It is important that Canada regains its sovereignty to ensure that Politicians, Health Officials, and Bureaucrats are serving the citizens of Canada instead of non elected international globalist bodies.  As a government, we will represent and protect our citizens from agendas that do not benefit our citizens.  We do not support the World Economic Forum's Great Reset agenda.