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Eliminate the Carbon Tax.  This tax has hurt all Canadians by reducing our competitiveness resulting in exporting jobs to countries that are less environmentally responsible than Canada.  We believe that Canadian Energy and Manufacturing Companies are part of the environmental solution, and not part of the problem.  Supporting these sectors will not only provide revenue to our country, but it will stimulate economic growth and provide millions of good paying jobs for Canadians.  We support Building New Pipelines where there are opportunities for market expansion.

In order to tackle global climate issues, our team believes that the more investment that occurs in Canada, the lower the Global emissions.  If we do not support our manufacturing or energy industries, then the demand shifts to other countries who may not have as stringent environmental policies.  Tackling the climate issues requires investment in innovation and technology by the private sector.  Tax Incentives should be made available for projects that will reduce or eliminate pollution of air, water, and soil.    

Reducing Personal and Business Income Taxes will create investment in our economy while keeping our citizens healthy, happy and prosperous.  Business Taxation Systems must be competitive to attract new investment and to ensure that those who have already invested in Canada are competitive with foreign companies.  This will grow our economy, create more jobs, provide job market stability, and create economic growth that will lead to increased tax revenues to offset our strategic tax reductions.  We believe that our government must adjust our tax system for individual Canadians and not tax anyone below the poverty line (approximately $50,000).  "We do not tax a business before it is profitable, so why are we taxing our citizens before it is profitable?" - Joseph Bourgault


The Federal Government must Work Collaboratively with the Provinces to ensure that they have the ability to grow their economies in a way that creates more Freedom for Business to invest in a timely manner that provides both a financial and social benefit to Canadians.  The government is not treating citizens fairly across all provinces including First Nations communities. We also believe that governments are best managed at the Municipal Level, and the Federal Government should have minimal involvement in the daily lives of Canadians.  

The Federal Government must get a handle on spending as the debt has reached over $1,000,000,000,000.  We have a responsibility to our children and future generations to get back to the basics and ensure that federal budgets are appropriately forecasted and adhered to.  Every dollar spent must provide value to Canadians, and immediate action must be taken.  

Our policies must reduce inflation for Canadians.  Year over year the average Consumer Price Index increased by 5.1% in 2022.  The two largest contributors are gasoline (31%) and energy for the home (23%).  Both of these are set to increase further and are a direct consequence of irresponsible government policies.  It is becoming unaffordable for many Canadians to pay their bills, and it is time to take action!