Mother and Baby

Creating a True HealthCare Culture - Our objective is to create a distinction between Healthcare and Medical Care.  Healthcare will be defined as the means to keep our citizens out of the Medical Care System by empowering them to make healthy diet and lifestyle choices.  The best way to create true health care is to modify the personal taxation system to allow Canadians the ability to afford it.     

Creating a Culture of Truth & Accountability - Truth in Media is critical in maintaining the trust in our country.  Our belief is that Media Companies Should Not Be Funded by our Government because there it is a conflict of interest.  We will educate Canadians on the importance of supporting independent news outlets.


Creating a Pro Life and Family Culture - Canada is a great place to live and we would like to continue to see growth in our country by empowering our citizens to create families in our communities.  We believe that educating our citizens and supporting them financially will incentivize people to grow their family instead of struggling to make ends meet. 


Maintaining our Canadian Culture - Immigration has been an important part of Canadian History.  We want to ensure that people coming to Canada have aligned values and understand our culture so that they have the tools to protect it.  This culture is based on God, Love, Truth, Freedom and Justice.

Supporting an Environmental Culture - Although we support economic growth, we also support innovation that helps reduce environmental pollution.  We believe that the majority of Canadians want to protect our environment, and do everything they can to reduce their environmental impact.  

Recognizing the Importance of God - The foundation of Canada was based on recognizing the supremacy of God and the rule of law.  This was written into our Charter of Rights and Freedoms and it is just as important today as it was when our Constitution was created.  We want to ensure that God is not being removed from our society and believe that in order for us to thrive, we must recognize the importance of God.