A Vision for Canada

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A Message from Joseph Bourgault:

My vision is to ensure that the government is restored to its true function of Serving the People of Canada.  Our Canadian Culture has been formed around God as the Creator, Love as a Guiding Principle, Truth & Honesty, and Freedom with Responsibility.  The Liberal Government has been destroying Canadian culture and as a result our Freedom has eroded, our citizens divided, our media slanted, our economies weakened, our financials depleted and our government corrupted.  All of this in an environment with less rights and at a higher cost to all Canadians.  This cannot be tolerated by Canadians any longer, and so it is time for a significant change in Canadian Politics.

We have a responsibility to all Canadians to refocus our objectives to ensure that we restore our Canadian Values by honouring their Freedom through the Charter, creating Unity among the people, making it more affordable to live for Canadians while protecting our economies, controlling spending to ensure our future generations are not paying the burden, and restoring Truth to Politics, Media and the Medical Care System. 

In order to achieve this, Canadians will have to elect Leaders who are working for Canadians and not for Unelected International Organizations that do not have the best interest of Canadian Citizens at heart.  Together, we have the ability to ensure that Canada is headed in a direction of Truth, Freedom, and Justice.

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Joseph Bourgault - Beliefs

I BELIEVE in God as our creator and the Creator of all natural (scientific) laws governing our peaceful and harmonious co-existence.

I BELIEVE that our Rights of Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Truth - to understand Natural Laws - were granted to us by our Creator, and not by Governments, who WE THE PEOPLE elect to serve us, and NOT to Rule Us by unjust laws.

I BELIEVE that the Love of God, Love of Truth, Love of Freedom, Love of Family, Love for thy Neighbor as one's Self, is our highest Guiding Principle

I BELIEVE the relentless pursuit of truth, in honest impartial ways, is essential to find the truth (Win-Win Solutions) to resolve every challenge we face for the highest good of All.

I BELIEVE in the Rule of Just Laws and the Equal Rights of Citizens to hold Governments accountable for violating their civic duties - WE THE PEOPLE.


What Joseph Stands For

I WILL STAND FOR Upholding the Canadian Charter of Rights & Freedoms

I WILL STAND FOR The Canadian Criminal Code

I WILL STAND FOR The Tribal Communities by listening and providing solutions

I WILL STAND FOR The Sovereignty of Canada

I WILL STAND FOR The Truth in Science, Journalism and Government

I WILL STAND FOR Protecting our Children and their Future

I WILL STAND FOR Freedom of Choice in Health and Medical Care

I WILL STAND FOR Equality for Canadians without Discrimination